Monday, 10 October 2011

It's not over yet...

We had a fantastic time on Friday, but getting everything together in time - not to mention taking it all down afterwards - was absolutely exhausting, so I've slept for most of the weekend (when I wasn't teaching that is!). Tomorrow I'm going to start uploading the route maps, posters from locations and photos.

If you took any photos on the night I'd love to see them/post them, please get in touch.

People also asked if we'd put up information about the costumes from the exhibition in the City Museum and we're thinking about it - of course details of what our costumes were aiming to reflect can go here, but further information about clothing (and our original research) might be better on its website. So, on that front, watch this space...

If you want to take this factasy walk - or another factasy walk - as a guided tour with a costumed guide it can be arranged. Guided tours take 1-2 hours (please request a "short" or "long" version), include story-telling, and cost £25-£40 per group depending upon duration. Contact me (e.r.okell) at my university ( email address.

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