Sunday, 2 October 2011

Albums in the Leeds City Museum

I've just been told by a friend who went to the Museum today that the albums are so popular that you can't get at them to read them! I'm really glad about that but thought I'd better let people know they are there. There's one on the 12 Labours and one on Hercules' life. On Friday Alcmene will be using them to tell stories about her son, Hercules, who will also be present - in his twelve-year-old incarnation - and willing to talk about growing up to be a hero. The Museum opens for Light Night at 6pm, but characters will be out and about in Leeds from 5pm and "Tales of Hercules" in the Classics Library (first floor, Parkinson Building) starts at 5.30pm. We hope to see you there...


  1. Hi, I'm keen to attend the stories at the University. I'm also going to the Light Night Ghost Stories at 8pm, and so I was curious as to what time and for how long your work will last, in order to make sure I'm not late to the later event. Is it 5:30pm only, or is it repeated hourly, for example?


  2. Ooops, didn't see this until too late! We were story-telling in response to audience demand, so as and when from 5.30pm - 10pm. The whole story lasted 15 minutes but the character was happy to answer questions as Iphicles too. I hope you were one of the 50 people who came! And that you got to the Brotherton stories too.
    Sorry about non-reply, Eleanor

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