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Eleanor OKell is a firm supporter of the Department of Classics at the University of Leeds and a member of both the national and the local branch of the Classical Association. The Leeds and District branch holds meetings in the University and runs events to support the teaching of classics and classical civilisation in Yorkshire schools. The programme of academic and CA branch talks on classical topics is publicised through the Department of Classics' website from mid-September and all are welcome to attend. "In the Footsteps of Hercules" is an impact/edutainment activity associated with her Visiting Research Fellowship.

Emma Stafford is a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Classics at the University of Leeds. She is the author of a forthcoming book (November 2011) on on Herakles/Hercules for Routledge’s Gods and Heroes in the Ancient World series and an article on the ancient bra.

Cary MacMahon is an independent researcher with particular interests in ancient textiles, the Black Sea area, the historiography of knitting and Manichaeism! She has helped research Hippolyta's costume and been responsible for the costume exhibition in the Leeds City Museum.

Rebecca Jenkins is a final year student who has been largely responsible for Alcmene's Albums in the Leeds City Museum.

Anna Reeve is a final year student who has assisted with Alcemene's Albums and been largely responsible for the display in the Classics Departmental Library.

Cast (in alphabetical order of character)
Alcmene - Eleanor OKell (see above)
Athena, Greek goddess - Sue Hamstead is a lecturer in the Department of Classics whose research specialism is Greek tragedy.
Iolaus (Greek), nephew of Hercules - tbc
Iolaus (Roman), nephew of Hercules - Connor Whelan
Iphicles, twin half-brother of Hercules - Bob Buxton is working towards a second PhD in the School of Earth and Environment.
Hercules - Charlie MacMahon is keen on acting and Greek mythology and has already attained distinctions in LAMDA examinations. This is his first performance outside school.
Hercules' Biographer - Emma Stafford (see above)
Hesperia, one of the Hesperides - Sian Hassell is a PhD student in the Department of Classics.
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons - Rachel Meadows is a final year Classical Civilisation student.
Keryneian Hind - Gabriel Leech is interested in performance and live role-play. This is his first public appearance as an animal.
Minerva, Roman goddess - Sarah Little is a final year Performing Arts student.