This page contains a list of the characters envisaged and their locations.

These have undergone some changes since the first audition notice and have now (August 31st) been finalised - although there is still an opportunity to play Iolaus (Hercules' nephew and an Olympic chariot victor) on the Town Hall steps from 7pm, please read the initial audition notice (brelow) and get in touch.

Nemean Lion
Town Hall steps
Iolaus (Hercules’ nephew)
Lernaean Hydra
Mandela Gardens
Iolaus (Hercules’ nephew)
Keryneian Hind
Bond Court
Keryneian Hind
Erymanthean Boar
City Square/Boar Lane
Augean Stables
The Light, Headrow Entrance
Stymphalian Birds
City Square
Minerva (Hercules’ Roman patron goddess)
Cretan Bull
Mandela Gardens
Athena (Hercules’ Greek patron goddess)
Horses of Diomedes
Park Row
The Belt of the Amazon Queen
Bond Court
Hippolyta (the Amazon Queen)
Cattle of Geryon
Victoria Gardens
The Apples of the Hesperides
City Square
Hesperia (daughter of Hesperus)
Ancient Worlds gallery, Leeds City Museum
Classics Departmental Library, 1st floor, Parkinson Building
Iphicles (Hercules’ twin brother)
Ancient Worlds Galleries, Leeds City Museum
Alcmene (Hercules’ mother) and the young Hercules himself

Initial Audition Notice
To audition (Friday 13th May 2011, 10am-12 noon & 1-5pm in LSR5, 20 Lyddon Terrace - there will be signs on the door!) you must be resident in Leeds, willing to wear a mask and costume in Leeds city centre and talk to the general public and - crucially - available on the necessary dates (one individual briefing and costume measurement at the end May/beginning June; last week of September and first week of October for rehearsals; 4pm-11pm 7th October 2011) .

Characters have been allocated in twos to locations, so you won't be on your own, and roaming helpers will check in on you. During the performance period (4.30pm-10.30pm) you will be permitted four twenty-minute breaks, but there must be at least an hour between them.

Characters available:
Hercules (x2); Athena/Minerva; Iolaus (x2); Iphicles*; a daughter of Hesperus; the Cerneian Hind; Hippolyta, the Amazon Queen; Alcmene* (Hercules' mother); Hebe* (goddess of youth and Hercules' wife).
* indicates that a character will need to know more than one Labour, preferrably all 12 and some more incidents in Hercules' life, in order to fulfil their role.

Locations of Characters and Labours:
Hercules x 2 - Town Hall - Nemean Lion
Athena/Minerva - Millennium Gardens (with Iolaus) - Cretan Bull
Iolaus - Millennium Gardens - Hydra
Iolaus - City Square (with a daughter of Hesperus) - Stmyphalian Birds
Iphicles - Parkinson Court - with Dr. Emma Stafford and an exhibition - all Labours
a daughter of Hesperus - City Square (with Iolaus) - Apples of the Hesperides
Cerneian Hind - Bond Court (with Hippolyta, the Amazon Queen) - Cerneian Hind
Hippolyta, the Amazon Queen - Bond Court (with the Cerneian Hind) - the Belt of the Amazon Queen
Alcmene - Leeds City Museum (with Hebe) - all Labours
Hebe - Leeds City Museum (with Alcmene) - all Labours