Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Well, long time no see. Have been very busy securing the funding and making the costumes for this, as well as running several jobs....

The highlights of this month (August) have been:

1) presenting the project at Secret Bettakultcha as part of a larger talk on Classics in Leeds (on the buildings in the city centre that is, not about the Classics Department in Leeds - though that's well worth shouting about too!) It was a great night and the mention of Light Night raised a cheer!. Watch the video.

2) completing the casting (except for Iolaus with the Nemean Lion Labour from 7.00pm onwards - if you're interested, get in touch!)

3) finally sorting out the funding for both components of the Light Night event, which now have dedicated pages here.

In the Footsteps of Hercules
Character Locations: Leeds City Museum, Mandela Gardens, Town Hall, Bond Court, City Square.
Time: 6pm-10pm
Description: Become a hero by stepping into Hercules' size 14½ shoes - complete his 12 Labours and discover why he belongs in Leeds. Meet monsters and costumed characters from ancient mythology, including Hercules' mother in Leeds City Museum and Hercules' nephew, the Amazon Queen, Nemean Lion and Horses of Diomedes elsewhere.

Tales of Hercules
 Location: In the Classics Departmental Library, first floor, Parkinson Building.
Time: 6pm-9.30pm
Description: Hercules’ twin brother tells his famous brother’s 12 Labours and about growing up with a hero, while Hercules’ official biographer (Dr. Emma Stafford) is on hand to answer questions. An accompanying poster exhibition shows tales of Hercules, in several different media, from the ancient and modern worlds.

4) Completing the risk assessments....

5) Finishing the embroidery on Alcmene's bra - based on research into the ancient bra by Dr. Emma Stafford. I'll be wearing it (under an embroidered peplos) in the Leeds City Museum, which means I'm delighted to have finished Alcmene's knickers too! I had to research these and make a paatern based on the illustrations on ancient Greek vases of athletic females like this one (although mine are more like shorts than a tight mini-skirt and are modelled specifically on those worn by Atalanta), so my modesty is secured - a HUGE relief!

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